Give your baby a life filled with hopes and dreams and opportunities.

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Modern Adoption provides your child with amazing possibilities for their life and is your opportunity to positively impact your child’s future. Adoption is a positive choice for you and your child.

"If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, then choosing adoption is a positive choice for your child and his/her future."

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You will discover exactly how to create the best future for your child.

You will understand exactly why adoption doesn't cost you a penny.

You don’t need an attorney – Positive Choice Adoption agencies take care of all of the legal arrangements.

You will find out how you can select the family for your child.

You will always know you made this positive choice for your child.

You will be able to proudly proclaim "I chose adoption for my child!"

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"Out of love we chose planned adoption."
Chad & Lydia
"We did this to give our child a wonderful life!"
Paige & Jared

What makes Positive Choice
Adoption different?

At Positive Choice Adoption, we are focused on supporting and empowering you as you help provide your child with the best future possible… through a modern adoption. We walk with you and guide you through each step so you can be confident with your decision.

You don't need to go through this alone.

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