Cradle of Hope Adoptions

I would like to offer a warm welcome from all of us at Cradle of Hope and tell you about our work helping children and families. My husband and I adopted our son in Virginia and our daughter from Romania in the late 1980s. I am an attorney by training and after our family adopted, many others asked for assistance. As a result, several other adoptive parents and I founded Cradle of Hope in 1990.

Cradle of Hope has placed more than 3,500 orphaned children from the U.S., Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Republic of Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ghana, Guatemala, and China with loving adoptive parents. Currently, we have active programs in China and Kazakhstan, where we are especially proud of our commitment to finding homes for older children and those with special needs. We also assist families who have completed adoptions in Nigeria with the immigration process so their new son or daughter can come home to the US.

Our domestic adoption program began in 2009 and has been growing ever since. We are expanding our efforts to help more women facing unplanned pregnancies to consider adoption and more U.S. families who want to adopt locally. We provide resources and support for all parties to the adoption, before, during, and after the adoption is completed. We strive to ensure that birth parents and adoptive parents are well prepared for and comfortable with the adoption process.

Having personally experienced a domestic agency adoption and an independent international adoption, I can truly appreciate the support and knowledge that adoption professionals provide. The adoption process can be an emotional and procedural roller coaster. We have an excellent staff whose trademarks are competence, compassion, responsiveness, and solid ethics. Your Cradle of Hope team will guide you through each step of your adoption and will be available to support you throughout the adoption process and after.

Thank you for your interest in Cradle of Hope. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you. I encourage you to contact us to discuss how we can find a wonderful home for your child or help bring your son or daughter home to you.

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